Guys are often straightforward once they communicate. They do not generally act as cryptic or talk «around» an interest. They’re all business and logic, therefore if they aren’t sleeping, these are typically probably simply informing it think its great is actually. Never try to find a lot of subtext involving the traces because there probably is not any.

If according to him you’re not his kind but he’s however curious, go at face value. The guy probably is attempting to say that he’s not often attracted to significant, brainy wofucking near men, but there’s merely something about you that intrigues him.

If he is merely thinking about gender, the guy probably won’t discuss you are not his kind, as that will work against their online game. He will either lay on the charm plus the outdated familiar outlines, or he’s going to say that you two need to have collectively for most fun someday.

He will state you are «hot» instead of telling you you’re fairly. He will eyeball you down and up like an ice-cream sundae, and then he’ll move in close-in an aggressive in the place of tender fashion. You’re a female, so make use of instinct. You’ll know exactly what he is truly interested in, a proven way or the various other.